"Nicki Williamson has mastered the art of playing for class, and has a very distinctive and attractive musical personality. Happily she is able to communicate her skill, with passion and brilliance and compelling enthusiasm. Anyone who wishes to develop their ability to perform as a virtuoso ballet class musician will benefit from working alongside her as their mentor."

Barry Wordsworth - Principal Guest Conductor of The Royal Ballet & Patron of The Dancing Piano

"Ballet class is a very important part of my ballerina life; it is the first hour and fifteen minutes of the day to connect with my body and also my soul.
There are many ingredients to make this class great and to have all the right things to prepare myself for the rest of my day ( rehearsals and performances). Ballet class is something I love since I was a little girl. I do it every day like it is my first ballet class.
Music I think is one of the most important things for a dancer and this is why every time I arrive in the morning and I see Nicki seated by the piano before class starts I get a big smile on my face. Nicki plays in such a special way that I feel Nicki's music makes the ballet steps happen for me - I can get in the zone right away and I feel inspired and full of energy during class and also for the rest of the day.
We always clap for Nicki every time she finishes playing ...it really touches me and everyone in the class. Very very special"

                                           Marienela Nunez - Principal of The Royal Ballet

"Nicki is an incredibly inspiring artist. She always manages to get the dancers going and in a positive mood, even in the middle of our long seasons! Her wide knowledge of music both classical and popular makes it always a joy to have her in class."

                                    Tamara Rojo - Artistic Director English National Ballet

"Rambert has worked with Nicki Williamson for some time now both as a composer in one of our residencies and regularly as a pianist accompanying our daily classes. Her playing is inspiring to the dance artists both in classical and contemporary work. Nicki is able to change rhythms and tone depending on the requirement of the various teachers. Most importantly the playing is uplifting and stimulating as well as demanding musicality from the dancer."

                                                    Mark Baldwin - Artistic Director Rambert 2002-2018

"I've worked with Nicki in The Royal Ballet studio at the Royal Opera House for a few years now and it is always a huge pleasure to work with a creative positive artist/pianist that is always ready to bring something special into our every day life and is open to share thoughts about what we do.

A great pleasure to work with in class!"

  Thiago Soares - Principal of The Royal Ballet

"Nicki has a very lively musical imagination, and always displays remarkable fluency and virtuosity when playing for class. Dancers always appreciate the energy she brings to music for class."

                                     Paul Hoskins - Music Director Rambert

"Nicki's approach is inclusive, passionate and inspirational with a sense of humour. The members respond well to her teaching which demonstrates her passion for music and a variety of musical genres and is responsive to different learning styles.

She develops rapport with a diverse range of people quickly enabling a great atmosphere and learning environment – rehearsals are really enjoyable!"

                                                                  Wendy Smith - Tottenham Community Choir (Chair 2013 - 2017)


”It is with the utmost pleasure that I recommend Nicki Williamson as an accompanist for ballet class.  I have travelled internationally for over thirty five years and have met many pianists but no one has lifted the spirits of the dancers better.  Technically Nicki is perfect, tempo, rhythm and choices.  Nicki has a winning personality as well and would be asset to any class.”

Janet Panetta - Ballet Master Tanztheater Pina Bausch Wuppertal 


"Nicki is a wonderful class pianist. I have worked with countless accompanists over the years and have a clear view of what an excellent ballet pianist is like and with Nicki I know I am working with one of the best. It feels like a true partnership in the studio when we work together and I love her repertoire, which is varied and fun but most importantly always appropriate for the work at hand."

Matz Skoog - Artistic Director English National Ballet (2001-2005)    www.matzskoog.com