"The Dancing Piano was an absolutely amazing week.  I went into the experience knowing almost nothing about playing for ballet, and left with a passion for the subject.  Nicki is an inspiring teacher, and a fount of knowledge.  Working with her challenged me musically, and pushed me to create and explore the piano in ways I had never before experienced.  The week exposed me to the world of classical improvisation, sparked my creativity, and allowed me to meet an incredible array of teachers, musicians, and dancers.  The connections and experiences I had from this course have been invaluable to my London experience."

Kelly Lenahan - USA

"What I learned at The Dancing Piano course was really fruitful. I benefitted particulalry from the opportuniy to play for ballet classes every morning."

Tomoko Takahashi - Japan

"I thought the course was great and that it was everything I had hoped for; a warm environment that encouraged development. I find that no matter what any dance teacher says, it can be intimidating to play for dancers (especially for complete beginners such as myself). But I enjoyed the learning experience as everybody in the room understood the situation and was very encouraging.

What was most useful, for me anyway, was relating what little I already knew about dance and being able to apply it to my skills for playing the piano. And it was especially great to see everybody's teaching tailored just for them. I genuinely believe that there isn't another learning experience quite like this in existence."

Ricahrd Wang - London